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Are there any rules to have a bigger success? Find out with u show to create a wining profile!

Erotic encounters, do they work?

Should I trust the web to organize erotic encounters? This i show to do it!

Choose the right picture

Is a picture is worth a thousand words? Which one to choose? Here are our tips for you!

Online dating, your ranking

There are a lot of online dating websites, each of them with different features and target. Dating Observer tried them all for you, in order to point out the strengths and weaknesses of each of those sites. Which of them has the highest number of young users? In which of these portals it's easier to knowing new people? Find that out with us!

The best sites of casual dating

More than ever people are talking about casual dating, but not everyone knows what that is about. The casual dating sites try to get in touch partners who are not looking for the love of their live or long-term relationship; but prefer having a sexy adventure or sex affairs.
What do these portals offer and which of them offers a higher "guaranteed success"? Enter to find out more.

Marriage Ads

Looking for your soul mate today is easier, thanks to the sites for marriage datings which allow you to get in touch with the same people that share the same interests as you. Those who use these websites, are usually serious people, motivated to find a life partner, with whom to share interests, passions and love. Find with us which marriage site is the best for you and vote for your prefer.

Adult dating sites

A different concept of relationship aims the adult dating. By joining an adult dating site you will be able to arrange casual encounters, one night stands or even simply online flirts. These website are specifically targeted for those who want to have sexual encounters, but also for people with particular requirements. Find out more? Enter and read our suggestions.

What you should know about the dating sites

How should you behave in a dating site? Which are the rules to follow in order to have a bigger success? How can you distinguish the more serious sites from the less reliable ones? Read the Dating Observer tips to avoid any mistake and enjoy the most your experience.

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