[all questions] - How do I create a profile of success?

The secret to know so many new people from the own personal profile. But what I should say and what better not to tell?

If you browse through a typical dating site, you will see hundreds of ads from people who are "looking for Mr. Right." Nearly everyone "enjoys a night out on the town, but also likes a quiet evening at home." It would be difficult to find someone who doesn't like a good sense of humor in a date.

Begin with the subject. Inject some humor into your subject line or include one of your interests. "Bogart fan seeking unusual suspects." "Come sail away with this boating enthusiast/Styx fan." This is the first thing people will see, and it needs to stand out from the crowd.

When it comes to the profile itself, make sure you fill out the whole thing. Take your time and put some thought into it. It may seem tedious or difficult to describe yourself, but leaving sections blank or putting in short, generic answers makes it look like you aren't really interested. Avoid phrases like, "I wouldn't normally use one of these dating services, but my friends put me up to this." Remember, your target audience is other people who are using this dating service. You don't want to start off by insulting them.

Think of specific aspects of your personality that you want to highlight. Then, don't just state them - demonstrate them. Instead of, "I enjoy Stanley Kubrick films," say, "The other night I was watching "A Clockwork Orange," and I found myself thinking it would be a lot more fun to watch and discuss it with someone else." Humor is especially important. Not everyone shares the same sense of humor, so saying "I'm a funny person" isn't sufficient. "I love quoting lines from Monty Python sketches and Simpsons episodes" gives other users a better grasp of your personality.

Another key to success is knowing what you want and putting it in your profile. You'll get more responses from people who are looking for the same thing you are, whether you want to settle down with a long-term relationship or just want a date for Friday night. "I think there is more of a mental connection first by online dating," said one user, a teacher from New York. "Also, you know what you're looking for, not what your friends think would be 'perfect' for you."

Last, but not least, mind your grammar. Poor grammar and spelling doesn't lead to a good first impression, so take the time to get it right.


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