[all questions] - What are the best free dating sites?

This is one of the most frequent questions we are asked and for which it is necessary to explore thoroughly!

We are much aware of the benefits that an online dating service can do for people. However, how can we know what type of dating sites to choose? Is it okay to opt for the free dating sites or pay for the said service instead?

Maybe because of financial issues, paid websites can be more advantageous in the looks department. Usually, their sites are more organized, user friendly and attractively designed for that matter. Free dating sites sometimes tend to be carelessly made and you are more likely to misunderstand some of their features and options. Moreover, they usually don't have a help section or technical support unlike the paid ones.

An inconvenience with free dating sites is the fact that they can have so many pop-ups. A link that you think will lead to a website feature can often lead you to an advertisement site. This is because free websites usually make their revenues from the different advertisements that they host. Paid websites, on the other hand, operates through subscription fees so the hassle of those annoying pop-ups is minimized.

Free websites also tend to give you unfiltered profile of different people within cyberspace. Often, you have to sift through the choices manually in order to find a decent match for you. Paid websites on the other hand are more specified and can narrow your choices for you. Also, spam mails are more likely to avoided in these sites since they usually require payment and spambots are least likely to venture in such sites.

Paid websites are also more specific and tends to eliminate the chances of miscommunication. Because you paid a subscription, there is an intent to actually be in an intimate relationship. Because users of free websites often include people those who are not seriously interested in dating, there is a great possibility that harassment can occur. Some tend to flood your email with unwanted date invites or take advantage of you. They don't have a tight screening procedure for offenders and often even if reported for abuse, it is easy for such people to reregister under a different username.

Although paid websites can demand some amount of money for you to enjoy their services, it is however a safer and more convenient alternative in terms of the quality that you will get back. However, one must still be critical in choosing the right online sites to avoid being victimized by different scams on the internet.


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