[all questions] - Do women use dating sites to find love or a secret affair, too?

Among men who join online dating, the most often doubts are related to the presence of women. What's the percentage that women use the web to meet a partner?

There have been many studies conducted over the past few years as to what type of person uses online dating sites the most, and the results have been similar every time.

It is almost divided evenly between men and women, with women having a slightly higher percentage making an appearance.

Middle-aged men and women, ages 29 to 44 have the strongest show, though men around the age of 48 are also very predominant.

Psychologists have concluded that the most common personality type to appear on online dating sites is that which belong to those that don't enjoy socializing, and may experience anxiety from large crowds or meeting new people.

There are more and more young business tycoons and college students that are using these sites however, and new research is about to begin to better classify these website's users. When polling a group of ten people, eight out of ten had admitted trying a dating site, or had seriously considered using one.


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